Is Missouri Criminal Records, LLC authorized to provide this service?

Yes, Missouri Criminal Records, LLC is listed with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This can be verified by contacting the MSHP at (573) 526-6153

What is needed to run a Missouri Criminal Record Search?
Three items- Name, Date of Birth and a Social Security Number.

Who conducts the actual search?
The Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Records and Identification Division located in Jefferson City, MO conducts ALL of the criminal record searches for our company. This includes the most current information available. MCR pays a fee for each search conducted. The Driver and Vehicle Services Bureau of the Missouri Department of Revenue conducts ALL of the MCR license searches. MCR pays a fee for each search conducted.

Does the person having the background check run on need to sign permission for me to run a check?
No, Criminal record searches are public record and require no authorization or signature.

What is the turnaround time?
We need to receive the request by 1:30 pm in order to offer next business day turnaround. If we receive your request by 1:30 pm, we will deliver the request to the Missouri Highway Patrol and in most cases we will email you the results on the next business day. Our response emails are sent prior to 5:00 pm central time. If we receive your request after 1:30 pm, it will be delivered to the Missouri Highway Patrol on the next business day with the results delivered one business day later.

What counties do the searches cover?
All checks include all 114 counties in the State of Missouri.

Which is more thorough a county or statewide search?
In Missouri, a statewide search is the most thorough available. Missouri is, by law, an information gathering state. This means that all law enforcement personnel in Missouri are required by state law to report any arrest information to the Missouri State Highway Patrol for the Criminal Records database.

What employment groups should run criminal record searches on a prospective employee?
Most any business that puts an employee in contact with the general public or with other employees is required to do "due diligence" in providing safety to their employees and customers.

Does the criminal record search include the Missouri Sex Offender List?
Effective August 28, 2004, any request for a criminal history record check will automatically receive a search of the Missouri Sex Offender Registry. The criminal history system and the Missouri Sex Offender databases have been electronically interfaced, thus, the results derived from searches made of the databases will print out a RAP sheet.

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