Fast Response Time!

Response Time

Missouri Criminal Records, LLC offers next business day turnaround on criminal record searches. Missouri Criminal Records, LLC must receive your request by 1:30 pm of the current business day in order to offer next business day turnaround. Once we receive you record request, it is delivered to the Missouri State Highway Patrol- Criminal Records Division in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Missouri State Highway Patrol will run the criminal record search based on the three identifiers (name, date of birth and SS number) that you have supplied. It will then be released to Missouri Criminal Records, LLC and you will be emailed the results after 4:00 pm the next business day.

What can delay your request?

• Requests made over the weekend when the Missouri State Highway Patrol is closed
• Requests made prior to or on a Missouri state or National Holiday
• A search request that returns a "Not Yet Available" from the MSHP.

What does "Not Yet Available" mean?

While these are rare, we do see this response from time to time. This indicates that when the Missouri State Highway Patrol ran your request, it brought up an error message in the MSHP database. This error may be from lack of information when the record was typed in, for instance a conviction date or court case number may be missing or a probation was to be erased and it had not been at that point. When the MSHP is done correcting the record it will be emailed to you as soon as it is available to us.

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